“Discover / Kokaji” documentary video

University Students in Kyoto were invited to explore the nō play Kokaji, a story of the Inari Deity and the legendary swordsmith Munechika. Witness the rich tradition of nō, both on and off the stage, in Kyoto.

Noh is a Japanese classical performing art based on ancient tales and classical literature. In this documentary, we follow the trail of the legendary Japanese swordsmith Sanjo “Kokaji” Munechika to discover how he forged the famous Kogitsunemaru sword for the emperor. https://discovernohinkyoto.jp


Program Summary

Program 1Nov 6 (Sat) 18:30- An introduction to noh with a focus on the noh play Kokaji and Kyoto by actors with an excerpt performance (admission fee: free)

Program 2: Nov 25 (Thu) 19:00- Full-scale noh performance of Kokaji (admission fee: ticket fee charged – details follow)

Program 3: Nov – Dec (six session dates) Visit sites related to Kokaji with other students and interpreter-guides and work together to create short pieces of documentary films (admission fee: free)

Program details: https://discovernohinkyoto.jp/2021-program/

The documentary film the student members made during Program 3

Discover / Kokaji

Produced by Diego Pellecchia, Julia Yamane

Chou Sumin Kawamura Haruhisa Miyamoto Shigeki Nakanishi Kana Shimada Toyoshi Tsubota Sakiko

Student Participants Kyoto Sangyo University: Fujiwara Moe, Nishi Ayane, Takada Mai, Watanabe Arisa, Xu Yuan Chen Kyoto University: Satō Ami Ryūkoku University: Takiguchi Seiya Columbia University: Nicolle Bertozzi

Narration: Nishi Ayane

Special thanks: Awata Jinja, Fushimi Inari Taisha, Hayashi Nōgaku Kai, Kawamura Kazutaka, Kawamura Noh Butai, Kyoto Nōgaku Kai, Nakanishi Yuya, Udaka Tatsushige

Sponsored by: 京都府文化力チャレンジ補助事業

Music: Brian Bolger “First Dream”

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