The Nōwhere Tours – HIKING – Kagetsu/Kiyomizu

On March 24 (Fri), Discover Noh in Kyoto will hold its first hiking tour version of the Nōwhere Tours. After exploring the “stage” of the noh play Kagetsu,  Kiyomizu Temple, through the perspective of medieval performing art, we will hike in the hills behind the temple for about an hour and a half and go down to the Okazaki area and to the Kyoto Kanze Noh Theater where we will watch a performance of the play Kagetsu.

The NŌWHERE Tours are guided tours for both Kyoto residents and travelers in which we visit places or people related to nō plays and also enjoy performances or workshops.

*Must wear shoes compatible with mountain trails.

*In case of rain, we may decide not to take the hiking course and walk through the Gion-Maruyama area instead.

Meeting place: By the steps below the large gate of  Kiyomizu Temple (Kiyomizu-dera)

15:00 Kiyomizu Temple

16:15 Hiking : Kyoto Circuit Trail

17:30 Shogunzuka Park

18:00 Arrive at theatre / breaktime

18:30 Pre-performance introduction

19:00 Performance of noh play Kagetsu (Japanese:

Kyoto Kanze Noh Theater (Kanze Kaikan)

Capacity: 15 

Participation fees (performance ticket and temple admission included)

General – 1st floor seat 12000 yen

General – 2nd floor seat 11000 yen


Returning guest / resident / student discounts:

Returning guests – If you have attended a Discover Noh in Kyoto program in 2022, you can receive a 3000 yen discount by entering the discount code “dnk” when you select your ticket.

Kyoto and Kansai residents – If you are a resident of these areas you will receive 50% discount by entering the discount code “kyoto” when you select your ticket and bring proof of residency with you on the day.

Students: Enter discount code “student” when you select your ticket and bring student ID with you on the day.

Students – 1st floor seat 3000 yen

Students – 2nd floor seat 2000 yen

What is noh?

Noh is a traditional performing art bringing together poetry, chant, dance, and music, as well as gorgeous costumes and masks. Originating in the 14th century, its repertory and stage conventions have been refined throughout history to reach today’s form.

Discover Noh in Kyoto is an organization devoted to introducing and promoting noh from multicultural perspectives.



*Rain or shine, the tour will not be cancelled. However, it may be cancelled when serious health or safety issues occur, including critical weather conditions.

*Guests are expected have health insurance or travel insurance valid in case of accidents. The coursewill will include places where ambulances are not able to reach: Please do not attend if you are not feeling well, pregnant or have serious health conditions that may require immediate medical attention.

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