The Nōwhere Tours: Dōjōji – Myōmanji & Mask Carver’s Studio

Dec 4 (Sun) 13:00 – Meeting place: Kokusaikaikan Station Exit 4-1 MAP

Temple & Mask carver’s studio visit

The NŌWHERE Tours are guided tours for both Kyoto residents and travelers in which we visit places or people related to nō plays and also enjoy performances or workshops.

On December 4, we will visit Myomanji Temple and mask carver ‘s studio in Iwakura, Kyoto. The mask workshop by Udaka Keiko will be a rare opportunity to see a variety of masks close-up, and learn how they are made and used. This time, we will have a special focus on Dōjōji, one of noh’s most well-know yet mysterious plays, which also holds an exceptional meaning to the actor. (The Dec 4 NŌWHERE Tour does not include a performance, but we can help you reserve one)


15 persons


Please buy your ticket from our page on Peatix:

Adults 7500 yen (admission included)

Students 2500 yen (admission included) *Please bring your student ID card with you.

NOTE: Transportation fees and drinks/meals are not included


December 4 (Sunday)

13:00  Kokusaikaikan Station Exit 4-1 (Subway Karasuma Line) MAP

13:30 – 14:30 Tempe visit Myomanji 妙満寺

15:00 – 17:00 Mask carver Keiko Udaka’s studio visit

The play Dōjōji 道成寺

The story is based on the legend of a girl’s love that turned into a deadly incident. The girl fell in love with a yamabushi monk who came to lodge every year on his way to Kumano, and came to believe that she would marry him in the future. When her dream was shattered, she becomes a furious monster and burns her love to death as he hides in the temple bell. The main character is the personification of the girl’s anguish that lingered for over centuries.

Dōjōji marks an important milestone in a noh actor’s career. Because of the technical and physical requirements, it is only performed after full training as a professional actor. While it requires intensive practice on the actor’s side, it is a play enjoyable even to newcomers. While this tour does not include a performance ticket, we hope joining are tour will enhance your experience when you decide to watch one of the upcoming performances (See bottom of this page for info).

Myōmanji 妙満寺 

The bell at Myōmanji Temple is said to have been brought from Dōjōji after it was buried as a cursed bell.

Myomanji Temple
What is noh?

Noh is a traditional performing art bringing together poetry, chant, dance, and music, as well as gorgeous costumes and masks. Originating in the 14th century, its repertory and stage conventions have been refined throughout history to reach today’s form.

Discover Noh in Kyoto is a nonprofit organization devoted to introducing and promoting noh from multicultural perspectives.



*Rain or shine, the tour will not be cancelled. However, it may be cancelled when serious health or safety issues occur, including critical weather or COVID-related problems.

There are two performances of the play coming up soon:

December 11 (Sun)
December 17 (Sat)

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