Discover Noh in Kyoto: Pre-performance introduction to Tsuchigumo

Still accepting applications! Walk-ins are also welcome as long as you arrive by 12:45.

On November 26th, Discover Noh in Kyoto will give a short English introduction to noh theatre and to the play Tsuchigumo at the Kongo Noh Theatre lobby (金剛能楽堂) prior to the performance by Kongo school actors Udaka Tatsushige and Norishige.

Tsuchigumo is about a legendary battle between the emperor’s warriors and an ancient tribe that lived in caves depicted as the “ground spiders.” We will discuss about the narrative of noh through this seemingly easy-to-understand story. We will also talk a little about noh’s dance so you can enjoy comparing the three dance parts taken from different plays before Tsuchigumo.

The performance is organized by Tenri Nōgaku Kyōshitsu

Event information:


Kongo Noh Theatre MAP

Date & Time:

November 26 (Sat) 2022

12:30 Doors open

12:45 – 13:15 Introduction and Q&A

13:30 – Performance

Performance program:

Three dance excerpts Takasago, Kiyotsune, Maukurajido (each 15 – 20 min)


One icchō (chant and shoulder drum excerpt) from the play Kane no dan (5 min)

Noh play Tsuchigumo (60 min)

Tickets: Students 1000 yen, Adults 6000 yen


*The introduction session is free

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