Discover Noh in Kyoto: Pre-performance introduction to Adachigahara

On November 4th, Discover Noh in Kyoto will give a short English introduction to noh theatre and its play Adachigahara at the Kanze Noh Theater’s 2F lobby (京都観世会館) prior to the performance.

Adachigahara features the contrasting personae of the main character, a humble yet compassionate old woman and a ferocious female oni (demon) who lives in the lonely moors of a northern province.

Event information:


Kyoto Kanze Noh Theatre MAP

Date & Time:

November 4 (Fri) 2022

17:45 – 18:15 (Introduction and Q&A)

18:30 – (Performance will be about 70 – 80min)

Tickets: Students 1000 yen, Adults 2000 yen


*The introduction session is free

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