The Nōwhere Tours – Kibune

Sep 23 (Fri) 13:00 – Kibuneguchi Station (Eizan Line)

Walking tour with evening performance ticket

The NŌWHERE Tours are guided tours for both Kyoto residents and travelers in which we visit places or people related to nō plays and also enjoy performances or workshops.

On September 23, join us on a walking tour through the green valley north of the city to Kifune Shrine 貴船神社, stage to the noh play Kanawa 鉄輪. We will explore the historical and cultural background of the shrine and the play’s story before returning downtown to watch the play on stage at Ōe Nōgakudō 大江能楽堂, a wooden noh theatre built in 1908.


12 persons


Please buy your ticket from our page on Peatix:

Adults 7500 yen (performance ticket included)

Students 3200 yen (performance ticket included) *Please enter discount code “student” and bring your student ID card with you to enter the theatre.

NOTE: Transportation fees and drinks/meals are not included


September 23 (Friday / national holiday)

13:00 Kibuneguchi Station ticket gate (Eizan Line) MAP

13:00 – 16:00 Walk along Kibune River visiting sites of Kifune Shrine

*If there is no rain, you may be able to go to an outdoor cafe bridged over the stream

16:30 Head downtown by train and bus

17:30 – 18:30 Breaktime

18:30 – 20:30 Noh and kyogen performance at Ōe Nōgakudō

Ōe Teiki Nō (Japanese website)

Ōe Nōgakudō is one of the oldest indoor noh theatres in Japan and maintains its elegant beauty with wooden balcony seats and tatami floors which have become rare in theatres today.

Photo by Kana Nakanishi

*We will arrive at the theatre around 18:30 in time to enjoy one kyogen play before watching the noh play featured in this time’s Nōwhere Tours.

The story of the play Kanawa

Extract from our Noh MAP 1

Night after night, the betrayed wife prayed in resentment. The oracle said, “Don a red robe, smear your face with red clay and wear an iron crown with three candles lit. If your anger flairs, you shall be given supernatural power.” Thunder roars in the sky as the woman attacks the man and his new wife asleep… But alas, it was all an illusion caused by a diviner the man had consulted to protect him. Escaping the sacred spell, the woman disappears swearing to return. The shrine where the pitiful woman prayed, the Oku-no-miya of Kifune-jinja Shrine, sits mysteriously in the deep green shade of Kibune Valley.

Photo by 金の星渡辺写真場
What is noh?

Noh is a traditional performing art bringing together poetry, chant, dance, and music, as well as gorgeous costumes and masks. Originating in the 14th century, its repertory and stage conventions have been refined throughout history to reach today’s form.

Discover Noh in Kyoto is a nonprofit organization devoted to introducing and promoting noh from multicultural perspectives.



*Rain or shine, the tour will not be cancelled. However, it may be cancelled when serious health or safety issues occur, including critical weather or COVID-related problems.

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