Discover Noh in Kyoto – English noh lesson in Ohara, Kyoto

英語でお稽古体験 京都・大原にて

Enjoy a hands-on noh experience in the beautiful village of Ohara, Kyoto with noh actor Miyamoto Shigeki. Participants will take a lesson of choreographed movements and chanting on the actor’s private stage after a presentation by our guides.

April 23, 2022(Sat)Ohara, Kyoto MAP

10:00-12:00,    13:00-15:00

Noh workshop with chant and dance lesson

Maximum participants per session: 5

Adults 3000 yen,

Students 2000 yen (Enter discount code: student)

Tickets for performance also available: April 24 (Sun) 11am- @ Kyoto Kanze Noh Theater (near Heian-jingu): Adults 4500 yen, Students 2000yen

Apply via Peatix:

NEW Tour Plan (Updated March 27)

Full-day (10:00 – 17:00) Ohara tour and noh workshop with dance & chant lesson

Practise the noh chant and dance, and enjoy walking around the village while visiting temples along the way with a Discover Noh in Kyoto guide.

Itinerary: First, we will visit Jakko-in, a temple with a deep link to noh. After lunch, we will attend a noh workshop & lesson at the actor Miyamoto Shigeki’s private stage. Then, we will visit Hosen-in to enjoy one of the best gardens in Ohara. (Lunch is not included. We can recommend restaurants or you can bring your own lunch.)  Adults 7500yen, Students 5000yen (disount code: “student”)

Apply via Peatix:

Where is Ohara?

Ohara is a quiet, picturesque village in the countryside upstream of the Takano River. (MAP) It takes around 15-30min from the nearest train/subway stations. The village is perfect to relax and enjoy strolls around the temples, woods and fields all day.  

What is noh?

Noh is a traditional performing art bringing together poetry, chant, dance, and music, as well as gorgeous costumes and masks. Originating in the 14th century, its repertory and stage conventions have been refined throughout history to reach today’s form.

Discover Noh in Kyoto is a nonprofit organization devoted to introducing and promoting noh from multicultural perspectives.



The program is not specifically designed for kids, but children are also welcome to join the lessons (under 12 free, reservation required). The full-day tour is for persons above age 12.

Please bring a pair of tabi or white socks to where while practicing movements.

Coming soon

Noh Costume Tour  June 10, 2022 (Fri) (Details to be announced in April)

Ohara Village Tour  June 28, 2022 (Tue) (Details to be announced in May)  

英語で能装束ツアー 2022年6月10日(金)(詳細は4月発表予定)

英語で大原の里ツアー 2022年6月28日(火)(詳細は5月発表予定)

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