Noh MAPS 能 地図

Noh MAP 1

In 2020 the Discover Noh in Kyoto group focused on the creation of a map of Kyoto City displaying four nō plays set in Kyoto: Kokaji, Nonomiya, Kanawa, and Kurama Tengu. Through this map, it is possible to locate famous places in Kyoto in which these plays are set. The map also features synopses for the plays as well as basic information on noh, such as performance dates/times and venues. Discover Noh in Kyoto is planning to create new maps featuring more nō and kyogen plays in the future.

能 MAP 1

2020年度、Discover Noh in Kyotoは、京都市内にある社寺仏閣から、能の演目(小鍛冶、野宮、鉄輪、鞍馬天狗)とゆかり深い4ヶ所を厳選し「能MAP1」を製作しました。