Discover Noh Costumes in Orinasukan, Kyoto14:30- June 10 (Fri), 2022

Visit Orinasukan, a noh costume maker’s museum & studioin the Nishijin neighborhood of Kyoto with Discover Noh in Kyoto! Explore noh through the gorgeous costume designs and witness how they are woven with hand-operated looms.

You can also choose to go out on a guided excursion to Heianjingu Shrine’s garden and a noh performance featuring a variety of costumes after visiting Orinasukan.

For more details / reservations:

Applications for “Discover Noh Costumes in Orinasukan, Kyoto” w/ performance ticket will close at June 3rd (Fri) noon.


(Applications for Orinasukan visit with us will remain open until we reach capacity. 英語解説付き織成館訪問のみの受付は定員に達するまで続けます)

Orinasukan’s website (JPN)

The noh performance we will go to in the guided-excursion option, KYOTO de petit NOH: 

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